LITTLETON (KDVR) — There is a beetle in Colorado that has set its sights on flowers and shrubs. It is the Japanese beetle and the problem is getting worse every year in Colorado.

Unlike the British invasion, these beetles are not welcome.

”They wreck. They cause havoc, they just completely wipe out the color on a rosebush,” Lawncare Solutions Entomologist Sarah Wong said.

The Japanese beetle is not indigenous to the United States, but it has been here for decades. In Colorado, it’s been an issue since 1990 and that’s growing bigger now because of Colorado’s recent growth. 

Just ask Littleton homeowner Robin Visser. She has been fighting the micro marauder for the last four years.

“When we first saw them we thought this is a minor thing, just manage it. But it got so bad in about 2020 that we had to take down our grapevine,” she said.

Wong said pesticides are not the best way to kill the hungry invaders unless you consult a professional. There are just too many variables to consider. She says try soapy water first.

“Thankfully, the bugs are pretty easy to spot. You will see them just laying around on a leaf. You can scoop it in or you can pick it up,” Wong told FOX31.

There are even less conventional ways to beat the bug as well. All you need is a chicken. These traditional barnyard animals love eating Japanese beetles.

“We will bring in a little cup like this full of beetles, and they will devour them, it’s kind of revenge,” Visser said.

“The chicken method is brilliant. I love it. If you have chickens they love to eat bugs and they certainly love these big shiny beetles,” Wong said.

Beetlemania — Colorado style.