(COLORADO SPRINGS) — For the past couple of months, Sam ‘Adventure’ Baker has been training to climb El Capitan, vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park, with his father.

“So we did a lot of conditioning and a lot of mental training and then we climbed a lot of big walls, too,” said Joe Baker, Sam Baker’s dad. “We took them up several really big walls where, you know, you’re dangling above the earth by rope. And so all of that was in preparation for sure.”

Joe Baker said climbing is something that runs in the Baker family.

“In our house, it goes crawl, walk, and then rock climb, and so this is part of our family,” said Joe. “We’re all rock climbers.”

And Joe has shared his passion of climbing with his sons. Sam has been climbing since he was three, and has climbed in Garden of the Gods Park.

“Honestly, it’s the best part of life, is having boys and be able to take them out on adventures,” Joe explained. “So that’s like…that’s as good as it gets.”

Sam and his dad conquered El Capitan, which is about 3,000 feet from base to summit, on Friday, Oct. 28. At 8 years old, Sam is the youngest person ever to ascend El Capitan.

The technique the two used is called a rope ascent.

“This is a rope ascent on the wall… this isn’t, like one of the most extreme or dangerous ways to climb the wall,” said Joe. “This is the safest and easiest way to climb the wall. It’s still totally rad when you’re eight years old, to climb it via rope ascent for sure.”

The scariest part of the journey for Sam was climbing early in the morning.

“The parties in front of us got all of their bags stuck so we had to climb till 1:00 in the morning,” said Sam. “That was the scariest part.”

You can find more information online about Sam and his incredible climbing experience.

When looking to the future Sam has his eye on returning back to El Capitan: “In a few years, I’m going to come back and free climb it,” Sam said.