Young boy stands up for equal rights in World Day of Social Justice rally


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — “Equal rights, civilization rights, I feel that we all should have it. And that coming to these, I actually feel part of a community when I do it,” said 9-year-old Ben Heimer.

Those are just some of the things Ben has learned from rallies he’s been to with his family.

The Colorado Springs Council For Justice hosted a rally in support of World Day of Social Justice outside City Hall.

“Social justice is the ability of every human regardless of their color, regardless of their gender, regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of their religion, to have the same rights, to have the same access and to be treated equally in our world,” said Deb Walker, executive director of Citizens Project.

According to the United Nations, the General Assembly proclaimed February 20 as World Day of Social Justice in 2007.

It was made to invite member states to devote the day to promoting national activities that support gender equality, equal rights and more.

Several other organizations also took part, including the Citizens Project, the Coalition for Compassion and Action, and city councilman William Murray.

For Ben, it’s something he now looks forward to.

“It took me three marches to actually go up and ask my mom, ‘hey, what’s the next event we’re going to?'” Ben said.

“It’s provoked lots of interesting conversations with them and you know, the kids are watching. They have a sense of what’s going on sense the election and what’s going on in their community and with their peers. And so, they have questions and its’ awesome to get those discussions started and to hear the great speakers that we had today,” said Danielle Heimer, Ben’s mother.

Many say it’s a chance for them to be a part of a conversation on equality for all.

“I learned that when you’re there for someone, you actually begin to feel that you once were that someone,” Ben said.

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