After a pleasant day on Monday, a return to winter is expected for Tuesday across southern Colorado. Snow will move into the Pikes Peak Region during the morning commute. We anticipate that most areas will have minimal impact getting to work or school as the snow will be just starting. Wet roads for some are currently our biggest concern locally. However, if you’re traveling to Denver, you may run into some slushy roads on Surrey Ridge before you drop into Denver as you pass SkyRidge Medical Center.

Snow will spread from the north to the south through the morning into the afternoon. Late in the day through the evening snow will begin to end from north to south. It’ll hang on into early Wednesday south of highway 50 but most areas will see the snow come to an end prior to the sun coming up on Wednesday. The exception will be along the New Mexico line and Baca County.

Temperatures will get into the 30s for quite a few areas during the morning and wind won’t be too strong with this system so some of the bigger impacts on the roads will be for the higher elevations because they’ll be colder and then into the evening as we lose the sun. As a generality across the region expect conditions to deteriorate for areas that see accumulating snow through the back part of the day into the overnight.

While the wind won’t be particularly strong with this storm, it will be out of the north. The sinking air from the spine on the Palmer Divide at 7,200’+ down to the Arkansas River ~4,500′ (depending where you are) will impact snow amounts.

Snow will be lightest from Cañon City to near La Junta and from downtown Colorado Springs to Pueblo. The higher terrain of the Pikes Peak Region, the mountains southwest of Pueblo, the Raton Mesa and the far eastern plains will all receive somewhere between 1″-3″ and 2″-5″ or more of snow, depending where you are.

Here’s a specific look at the likelihood of certain amounts of snow falling with the incoming storm at selected communities across southern Colorado.