COLORADO SPRINGS — On Wednesday, Jan. 19, Colorado Springs Utilities tweeted that good news was coming to Colorado Springs. The Utilities Board met that afternoon to discuss a proposal to lower utility rates that would take affect February 1.

“It is on the heels of increases that we saw last year resulting from a February storm even that really spiked natural gas prices during a 4-day period. There was an additional increase last November. That was a pass through of higher cost in the natural gas market really for this heating season,” said Scott Shirola, CSU Pricing Rates Manager.

The proposal said the 5.2% or roughly 15-dollar decrease would go to the City Council on Tuesday, which Colorado Springs City Councilmember At-Large Wayne Williams said he suspected will pass unanimously.

People in Colorado Springs could be paying less for utilities at the beginning of next month. Credit: Rachel Saurer

“As gas prices increase, we have to increase, but as gas prices decrease, we’re able to lower those rates and so I anticipate that will be done at Tuesday’s meeting at the Colorado Springs City Council,” Williams said.

The Colorado Spring Utility company said the reason for the decrease in rates was in part due to the unusually warm weather we have been experiencing.

“That warmer weather really decreases the demand for natural gas and we’re able to really have an easing in that supply and demand dynamics of the natural gas market,” Shirola said.

But a Colorado winter is still just beginning, and as more people start heating their homes more, CSU said to look out for similar to more expensive utility bills.

“Even with the rate decrease that was there, customers could see that gas bill still going up in February depending on the weather and where they’re keeping the thermostat and those other factors,” said Tristan Gearhart, CSU Chief Financial Officer.

CSU still recommended ways to conserve energy as we enter the colder months in Colorado. Credit: Rachel Saurer

In gearing up for winter and in an effort to save money, CSU offered some tips on how to be energy efficient including routine maintenance to your furnace and keeping an eye on your thermostat.

“Especially if you’re away from home, keeping that lower during that time frame will save you some money,” Shirola said.