COLORADO SPRINGS- April has just hit a new record in Colorado Springs as of Tuesday, as it officially the driest April we have seen so far.

We could exceed this record with more dry and windy days ahead for the rest of the week in other areas around southern Colorado. But a storm this weekend makes us hopeful for relief.

A pattern of storm systems tracking to the north of Colorado is one of the big reasons we are seeing so many dry and windy days. The dry wind comes around the bottom of this pattern. Meaning most moisture has been directed above the Front Range.

This is a typical pattern, as the month of April is the windiest month of the year for most in the Front Range, but this year has brought more concern than usual.

15 Red Flag Warnings have been issued around Southern Colorado this April. Comparing what we have seen to the most historically, the record is 16 Red Flag Warnings issued in 2011 and 2021 just for April alone.

A Red Flag Warning is the name for a fire weather warning when low humidity combines with high winds to create critical fire danger.

Greg Heavener, Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Pueblo said this year Red Flag Warnings will set a new precedent.

“I do think we are kind of stuck in a pattern that doesn’t do anyone any good. We have been windier, we’ve had a lot more red flags than normal so in a sense we are heading into something this month that is relatively rare,” Heavener said.

Top number of Red Flag Warnings issued in April alone across southern Colorado.

Heavener said this month shows how Red Flag Warnings should never be ignored and how we are going to see them in coming days until our weather pattern changes.

“The season no longer exists. It is a fire year as far as we’re concerned and that’s how we are going to message it. We’re not trying to call wolf all of the time in terms of the number of red flags we are issuing, but we are doing it for a reason to make sure our land use partners and fire partners are well aware these days are very volatile,” Heavener said.

Surface fuels are also an issue with this too. As this month has been very dry compared to April averages as many have only received a trace of moisture so far. Typically Colorado Springs on average receives a little over 5.5”.

Pueblo receives a little over 3” usually.

Making April of 2022 the driest so far in Colorado Springs and top 10 driest for Pueblo.

April snow totals so far and how it stacks up to the monthly average.

The wind has also been an issue for many too. Heavener said red Flag Warnings have also been issued more because any moisture we get, dries up faster because of the wind.

“We haven’t had a green up yet. It’s been delayed because of how warm and dry and windy it’s really been. Any moisture we get is whipped away by the strong winds after it falls,” Heavener said.

This month is trending on the windier side than an average April. But not by much.

Average wind speed for the month of April compared to monthly averages.

We do have more windy and dry days ahead of us through at least the end of the workweek before there is a chance of moisture this weekend. Models for the rest of April are trending on the drier and windier side.

Stay with the FOX21 Storm Team as we track what’s to come for the rest of April.