Who’s the scariest horror movie villain? The answer may surprise you.


Courtesy of All Home Connections. To read the full study, click here – https://www.attsavings.com/resources/entertainment/scariest-classic-horror-movievillains/

STATEWIDE – With Halloween just 27 days away, you may be re-watching some old horror classics. AT&T partner All Home Connections conducted a survey to find out who qualifies as the scariest horror movie villain.

Participants in this study watched 5,760 minutes of horror films all while wearing a heart rate device which would monitor exactly which villain scared them the most based off of how much their resting heart rate and peaking heart rate varied during the film.

Additionally, 990 additional people were asked to determine which movie villain they think is the scariest to compare the perception to the actual heart rate data.

Michael Meyers, villain of the film franchise Halloween, ended up coming in as the scariest horror film villain of all time.

Jason Vorhees, villain of the film franchise Friday the 13th, came in at number two.

Who were the bottom two contenders? Chucky, from the Chucky series, came in as the second-to-last scariest villain with Pinhead of Hellraiser series fame.

Who do you think is the scariest horror film villain? There’s definitely a lot of choose from.

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