(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Now that fees are being collected for bags at stores statewide, FOX21 News takes a look at where those fees will be going.

The Colorado Springs Finance Department said that vendors are required by the new law to remit or pay the city or county that each vendor is located 60% of the fees collected from the sale of single-use plastic bags and recycled paper bags. The law states that the first payment to be collected by cities and counties will start on April 1, 2024.

The city is hoping that vendors will choose to pay those fees out sooner but cannot enforce them per the legislation. To make it as efficient as possible the city is adding a line to the sales tax return form.

As for how excess funds will be distributed via TABOR requirements, the city will add the revenue collected from the bag fees to the overall revenue to figure out that percentage. There are currently no estimates as to how much revenue could be collected and as such no estimates as to how much more people could see in their refunds.

The city is still in the process of deciding where the funds will go beyond the administration and enforcement costs.

Walmart has already made the decision to go bagless so will not be paying those fees.