DENVER (KDVR) — The highly-anticipated grand reopening of the Casa Bonita restaurant has yet to be announced as May nears the end.

When “South Park” aired an episode highlighting the restaurant in 2003, it launched the restaurant’s reputation as an iconic Denver destination.

It first opened around 1974 and hasn’t been open since the spring of 2020, then the previous owners of Casa Bonita filed for bankruptcy in April of 2021 and by September, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of “South Park”, entered into a purchase agreement to buy Casa Bonita.

Throughout this year, the restaurant has been releasing teaser images of some of the work that was done inside, and this month it released a series of GIFs that show painting and other finishing touches.

The fountain outside the restaurant also underwent reconstruction, but as of March this year there was water in it – a sign that an opening was nearly upon us.

Earlier this month the restaurant passed various inspections needed before opening including electrical, HVAC, and plumbing.

Late last year, the new owners announced that the iconic restaurant would re-open in May. The month is coming to an end, but the official opening date still hangs in limbo.

Now, people across the internet are speculating when the date might be, so here are some of those theories.

The birthday theory

Matt Stone’s birthday is May 26, which he shares with one of the main characters in South Park.

Season 14 episode four features Casa Bonita, and in that same episode, it is revealed that Kyle Broflovski’s birthday is May 26.

This has sparked conversations with users on Reddit who believe that Friday will be the day.

Cartman’s suspicious hot dogs

In a recent episode of South Park aired on March 22, Eric Cartman is planning to renovate and reopen a historic restaurant in Colorado.

It’s all in the fifth episode of season 26. Eric Cartman and his mother live in an old hot dog stand, which looks a lot like a hot dog stand on the Coney Island boardwalk. There are only so many hot dog-shaped buildings in Colorado, and this one happened to be listed for sale last May.

In this episode, Cartman and his friend Kenny use money from Butters, another friend in the group, to renovate the hot dog stand and open it as a business.

Economical aspects

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and the Denver International Airport is expecting a 9.4% increase in travelers this weekend with over 400,000 travelers to walk through the airport within the next week.

This, along with memes about the grand re-opening overcrowding the airport, has made some believe that it will happen this weekend while people across the country have an extra day to travel.

It’s uncertain when doors will open, but we do know the restaurant is taking “booking requests” for large groups planning to visit the restaurant between August and October.

The restaurant notably avoids calling them reservations. Requests must be made 14 days in advance and a signed agreement with a deposit must be completed in advance.