With a taste of fall weather this weekend across southern Colorado, you might be thinking about the first snow of the season.

Looking back at climate data, October 26 is on average the first measurable snow of the season for Colorado Springs. Pueblo’s first snow is typically November 6. However, a September snow is not rare for southern Colorado.

Just two years ago, southern Colorado got a blast of winter weather that brought the first snow of the season on September 8 – 9.

Colorado Springs picked up 2.6″ of snow during the two days in 2020. That was not far behind the earliest first snow on record for the Springs, when 4.2″ fell on Sept. 3, 1961.

For Pueblo, that storm set a new record for the earliest first snow with 0.8″ of snow Sept. 9, 2020.

We went from record early snow to record late first snow the next year. Last year, Colorado Springs had its first measurable snow of the season on Dec. 31, 2021 when 0.4″ fell. What a way to ring in the New Year!

As for this season – Pikes Peak Mountain already had its first snow on August 21 – 22. Historically, Aug. 30 is the average first snow of the season for America’s Mountain. That came early this year for Pikes Peak along with some of Colorado’s high mountain peaks.

First snow over the years:

  • Colorado Springs

2021 – Dec. 31

2020 – Sept. 8

2019 – Oct. 10

2018 – Oct. 10

2017 – Oct. 9

2016 – Dec. 2

  • Pueblo

2021 – Dec. 10

2020 – Sept. 9

2019 – Oct. 10

2018 – Oct. 14

2017 – Nov. 7

2016 – Dec. 7

Fall outlook: Seasonal outlooks through November call for above-average temperatures and below-average precipitation across Colorado. In other words, we see high chances for warmer and drier than normal weather this fall.

On a brighter note, the warm and dry pattern shows signs of a spectacular leaf peeping season! Colder than normal temperatures can lead to a shorter display of the colors and too much rain can knock down leaves quicker.