COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A 12-year-old girl who was injured after a 75-foot fall while hiking with family at Helen Hunt Falls is still in the hospital.

Whether it’s twisting an ankle on a rock or something more serious, accidents are bound to happen on the trails.

“The trail is amazing,” said Mark Canete. “It’s one of the places I’ll be returning to check out, super safe and the people are also very friendly and it’s clean, very clean.”

But it’s up to you to make safety the top priority when enjoying the outdoors.

Hiking expert, Bob Falcone said, “You need to remember the name of the trail and that you’ve told somebody where you’re going to be going so that if you’re overdue or anything, they know where to send people to look for you, they have an idea of where you’re at.”

Colorado Springs Fire Department who responded after the girl fell says it happened up the trail above Helen Hunt Falls at Silver Cascade Falls. It’s unclear if she was on the trail or had wandered off.

“This is not the first time somebody has gotten injured on this trail and the serious injuries that have occurred here has been when people have crossed the fence and tried to walk across that rock tried to scramble up or down that rock,” said Falcone.

Thanks to the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon, a new $6,000 fence is keeping folks from walking out on the rocks.

Falcone said, “When that rock gets wet it’s very slippery and also they’re only a mere feet from the waterfall and it would not take much for somebody to be swept off their feet.”

They also put in about $20,000 worth of trail improvements on the Silver Cascade Trail, making it safer to travel.

“You will stay safe being on this trail,” said Falcone. “There’s some chance you might slip or slide a little bit but you’re not going to fall a great distance if you remain on the trail.”

Falcone says it’s also important for those traveling with children to keep track of them and make sure they know what could happen if they leave the trail.