(MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo.) — The City of Manitou Springs is expanding its Creek Week Cleanup initiative to encompass four locations along Fountain Creek. The City is also planning to create an art installation to serve as a temporary reminder of environmental preservation.

The City said it is partnering with Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood Control, and Greenway District to expand its Creek Week along Fountain Creek to Serpentine Drive, Soda Springs Park, Memorial Park, and Schryver Park.

Map for Creek cleanup in Manitou Springs
Courtesy: City of Manitou Springs

A new part of this year’s initiative is the creation of a “Litter Letter.” The discarded waste will be repurposed to form the letter “M” symbolizing Manitou Springs. The City said the letter will join others to complete an artistic installation serving as a temporary reminder of environmental preservation.

“This is an amazing opportunity to showcase how much our community cares about the waterways, and to (water)shed light on the importance of keeping trash and other pollutants out of the creek,” stated Gillian Rossi, Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Manitou Springs. She continued, “The more volunteers we have, the more successful this cleanup will be.”

Those interested in volunteering for the event on Oct. 7 from 9 a.m. to Noon can sign up online.

Eric Karlson, Streets/Stormwater Supervisor for the City of Manitou Springs stated, “keeping litter and trash out of Fountain Creek is a priority of ours.” He continued “Not only is our creek a staple of Manitou Springs’ natural environment, it is a source of drinking water for many communities downstream from us.”