“We’re out of ideas”: Care and Share food bank nears crisis point due to truck driver shortage


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Care and Share food bank is just days away from a potential crisis due to a major shortage in truck drivers and communities’ increased need for food.

“We’re just a week or two out from that crisis point,” Care and Share Chief Executive Officer Lynne Telford said.

If the organization doesn’t get help soon, the crisis could result in 31 southern Colorado counties losing an important source of food. The truck driver shortage is happening as hunger continues to plague the state.

Man prepares to load food onto a Care and Share truck

“We budgeted that we would distribute 19.6 million pounds of food,” Telford said. “We actually distributed 25 million pounds of food.”

For the past several weeks, Care and Share has been stretched thin to get food to the people who need it most.

“We’ve modified schedules, we’ve brought people in from other departments, we have a supervisor who has been driving trucks so that we don’t miss those delivers,” Telford explained.

Care and Share needs three CDL-licensed truck drivers. Although the job openings are listed as full-time, the food bank is willing to take part-time, current, and retired drivers in order to help.

Care and Share truck prepares to deliver food to southern Colorado counties

“If you have a CDL license and you have some ideas about how you can help and it might not fit exactly the description, please let us know because we would really like to talk with you,” Telford said.

Pay starts at $21 an hour. According to Telford, most drivers will be pulling a one-day load that rarely requires overnight trips, and will be providing food to people who need it most.

“They’re with us because they believe, like we do, that no one should go hungry,” Telford said.

More information about Care and Share and its available positions can be found on its website.

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