COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs Comic Con 2022 is coming to an end and cosplayers of all ages said it’s been an amazing experience sharing their passions and creativity.

“We’ll get to talking to somebody and first we’ll look at the overall costume,” said Tim Gravelin, who’s worked and participated in Comic Con for six years. “And then, like ‘oh, that’s really great’. We know what it is right away, that means you’ve succeeded in what you’re doing.”

Comic Con goers said it’s inspiring seeing everyone else’s creativity.

“It’s really neat,” said Mark May of Silent Mayhem Productions. “We have a cosplay cover. This is our first ever when we actually had a cosplay character. And to see the character actually come to life… that’s like the coolest thing.”

Which includes creativity like building your own robots like Lynelle Phillips and Gravelin.

“As a kid I was always into robotics and stuff. I found out there was a droid club in the area and so we met up at a convention and got to talking and stuff. I saw some of [Phillip’s] work and some other members of the club and I said ‘I’m doing that’,” Gravelin said.

Others were there showing off their art and graphic novels, like May who was excited to present his work as a vendor this year.

But, there was also something for the kids to enjoy.

“I posed on the stage and after… the costume thing… they’re going to judge who’s the winner,” said “the Predator”, a kid who was participating in the costume contest for comic con youngsters. He said it was great getting to meet his favorite celebrities. “I got see Master Chief at the beginning when I got the entrance and the Predator.”

Others participating were just happy to see and get to know people from all over the world. But, at its heart, the people who came out said it’s a tight knit community.

“We all just troop and do events together and we’re just one big family,” said Phillips.

“There’s a lot of people that come out to these shows, because they’re not accepted in their normal lives,” May said. “So, the people that come out here… they know they got like a family and support.”