COLORADO SPRINGS — Volunteers for the housing non-profit Brothers Redevelopment’s Paint-A-Thon Program painted the exterior of a Colorado Springs home and provided some much-needed repairs for a low-income homeowner.

The repairs and new paint job were provided free of charge as part of Wells Fargo’s Welcome Home Initiative. The $60,000 project, titled “Painting Across Colorado,” is funded entirely by Wells Fargo.

The group of volunteers spent Thursday, Sept. 15 painting the exterior of a home and providing repairs. This was just one of three homes that Wells Fargo volunteers painted throughout the week. Volunteers said their work allows income-eligible homeowners the chance to beautify their home and save their income for necessities like medication and groceries.

“The work that our group from Wells Fargo is doing today is going to help our homeowner today to more fully connect with her community, with her neighbors, to feel a stronger sense of pride in her home, and we think that’s really valuable in addition to the protection, the beautification, and the pride of ownership,” said Jason Stutnzman with Brothers Redevelopment.

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