TRINIDAD, Colo. — Perkatory Coffee House opened about 5 years ago, it is a full-service coffee shop with espresso, bubble tea, and a “tea wall” with more than 80 varieties of tea.

The shop has a steampunk theme, which helps give the place a little more texture and make it more artsy and fun. “It just kinda fits the vibe of the building, the town, the name.” said owner Lorin Manuel.

Located in downtown Trinidad, the coffee shop was needed, Manuel said. So she downsized her restaurant, bar and coffee shop and she said it was the best decision she ever made.

They offer snickers, twix, cake batter, and even horchata lattes. Plus. Perkatory is listed as one of the best places for bubble tea in the state. And the shop’s website shows they also offer freshly baked goods made with local ingredients.

The shop is located at the galleria building next to First National Bank, on S. Commercial St. and Main Street, two blocks from I-25.

Perkatory can be found online at