CAÑON CITY, Colo. – Taking in the spectacular sights of the Royal Gorge in Cañon City is a must. But did you know there’s a way you can enjoy all the gorge-eous views of it from outside the park? Fremont Adventure Recreation is highlighting the trails you can enjoy around Cañon City.

“Welcome to 5,000 acres of Cañon City’s own Royal Gorge Park. The Arkansas River bisects the parks, so there’s a north side and a south side. And here on the north side of the Royal Gorge Park, we have 22 miles of single track trail,” said Ashlee Sack, Coordinator with Fremont Adventure Recreation.

Hikers, mountains bikers and outdoor enthusiasts can soak up sights of the highest suspension bridge in the country with miles of trails overlooking it in the Royal Gorge Park.

Cañon City is a mecca for outdoor adventure with new trails continuing to pop up on the map. Now travelers on foot or wheels can trek from trails back to town, making these outdoor spaces even more accessible.

“One of the things we’ve worked in the last 10 years is creating trails systems that connect. So that connectivity, whether that helps people connect from their homes to their work, so they can bike or walk to work,” said Sack.

“So whether you’re in north Cañon, east Cañon, or somewhere else in Fremont County, you are definitely within just a few minutes of a trail system that you can go out and enjoy,” said Sack.

Cañon City has three main larger trail systems, making up 62 miles to explore. That includes Oil Well Flats, north of town, the Royal Gorge Park, and South Cañon trail network.

These range in difficulty level and length, offering options for trail running, hiking and mountain biking. Fremont Adventure Recreation offers a guide highlighting all parks, their difficulty level, elevation gain, and anything else you should know before stepping out on the trails. Find their adventure guide here.

“Just recently we opened the Royal Cascade Trail, which is a 3.6 mile trail, that goes from the top of this trail system all the way down into town. It connects with Tunnel Drive. So you can end up in town in time for lunch and a beer,” said Sack.

From the Arkansas River To the Royal Gorge, Cañon City is full of hidden gems and places to connect with the outdoors.

“Folks who come here for the rafting now can stay for mountain biking, for trail running, for hiking. And to come and shop and play in our beautiful downtown area as well,” said Sack.