COLORADO SPRINGS — Kids and pets left in hot cars can suffer severe heat-related injuries as a result of individuals underestimating just how quickly temperatures can jump inside of a stationary car.

A Colorado State (CSP) trooper conducts an experiment inside of his stationary patrol car to show how fast temperatures can escalate within minutes.

The CSP trooper shows the inside temperature of his vehicle at 72 degrees on a thermometer. Temperatures outside of his vehicle indicate 92 degrees. He explains that despite cloudy skies, the inside temperature of a car can still become deadly.

Within five minutes, the trooper shows the thermometer again which reads 96.9 degrees. That’s about a 25-degree jump in temperature.

After another five minutes, the trooper shows a temperature reading of 106.3. In ten minutes since starting the experiment, the temperature inside the car had a 34-degree jump.

An additional five-minute increment was tested for a total span of fifteen minutes. The CSP trooper holds up the thermometer showing a reading of 121.1 degrees.

The inside temperature of the car jumped nearly 50 degrees in a span of fifteen minutes.

“Your most precious cargo is in [your] vehicles,” says the CSP trooper. ” We hear stories far too often of kiddos that are left for hours. It cannot happen. it is deadly.”