COLORADO — Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is warning drivers to pay closer attention to law enforcement members working on the sides of roads after a trooper was nearly crushed by a car.

Dash cam footage shows the moment a State Trooper pulled over a car on a busy road. He walks to the driver’s window and then returns to his car. Seconds later, another car slams into the first car’s bumper – pushing it several feet away and into the nearby concrete median.

*WARNING: REAL DASH CAM FOOTAGE* Move Over. Pay attention. Real lives are at risk, including yours. This could have been worse.

colorado state patrol

“While our trooper attempted to have the driver pull to the right, they ultimately stopped on the wide, left shoulder,” CSP wrote on Twitter. “Regardless, #MoveOver still applies, and these can some of the minor consequences that can happen if not followed.”

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), in the last 10 years, on average, an officer per week has been killed on our nation’s roads (2011-2020 = 50 deaths per year). Most years, motor vehicle-related incidents — including crashes and being struck by moving vehicles while on foot — are the main cause of death for officers.

2016 was an anomaly in that motor vehicle-related deaths came second to firearms. Since 2016, homicides have been leading cause of death.

From 2011-2020, excluding COVID-19 deaths:

  • 1,387 officer line-of-duty deaths
  • 286 officer line-of-duty deaths due to vehicle crashes (21% of total)
  • 114 officer line-of-duty deaths due to being struck by a vehicle (8% of total)

For more information about law enforcement officer motor vehicle safety, click here.

In October 2020, Gov. Jared Polis deemed Monday, Oct. 19, 2020 as “Slow Down, Move Over Awareness Day” in the State of Colorado. 

Image courtesy of Colorado State patrol

AAA Colorado requested the proclamation to promote new protections as part of House Bill 20-1145, that strengthen Colorado’s existing “Slow Down, Move Over” law. The proclamation urged motorists to slow down when passing a stationary emergency vehicle, tow vehicle, or public utility vehicle working at, near, or in the roadway with its lights flashing. 

You can read more about the proclamation and what to do if you see an emergency vehicle here.