(LAMAR, Colo.) — The City of Lamar and its police department are reminding its community members to purchase a chicken license before keeping a chicken within city limits.

With the rising prices of eggs, the City of Lamar said more Lamar residents will be inclined to purchase chickens for the production of eggs. Failure to obtain a chicken license may result in a summons into court, according to the City.

“We would like to remind citizens that they are allowed to keep chickens within city limits only by obtaining a chicken license first,” said the City. “Avoid the fines and court process by obtaining a license first.”

To apply for a chicken license, you can request an application for a chicken license at the city complex or Clerk’s Office. A list of requirements will be provided with the application. The initial application fee is $50 and $25 for the annual renewal.

For more information, contact a Code Enforcement Officer by calling the police department at (719) 336-4341 or dispatch at (719) 336-3977.