(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The City of Colorado Springs holds elections on the first Tuesday of April in odd-numbered years. The next General Municipal election will be held on April 4, 2023.

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Below is a voter guide for this April’s election.

What’s on the April 4 ballot?

Courtesy of City of Colorado Springs

Elected positions will include Mayor, three at-large City Council seats for a four-year term, and the unexpired term for City Council District 3 to serve the remaining two years of the term.

The following are finalized lists of verified candidates who will appear in a randomly-drawn order on the ballot, according to the City of Colorado Springs.

Mayoral Candidates:

  • Sallie Clark
  • Kallan Reece Rodebaugh
  • John Tig Tiegen
  • Yemi Mobolade
  • Christopher Mitchell
  • Lawrence Joseph Martinez
  • Longinos Gonzalez Jr.
  • Tom Strand
  • Andrew Dalby
  • Jim Miller
  • Darryl Glenn
  • Wayne Williams

One candidate in the mayoral race must receive more than 50% of the vote to win the election. If there is a tie, City Charter dictates a run-off election between the two candidates who received the most votes. That run-off election would take place on May 16.

City Council Candidates:

  • Jaymen Johnson
  • David Leinweber
  • Lynette Crow-Iverson
  • Katherine “Kat,” Gayle
  • Brian Risley
  • Roland Rainey, Jr.

District 3 (unexpired 2-year term):

  • Michelle Renee Talarico
  • Scott Hiller
  • Glenn Carlson
  • Jay Inman
  • Chineta Davis
  • Gordon Kiingenschmitt
  • Jane Northrup Glenn

Ballot Issue:

  • To extend the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) sales and use tax for 20 years with no increase to the tax.

Voter Information

Courtesy of City of Colorado Springs

The City Clerk began mailing ballots on Friday, March 10. City elections have been mail ballot only since 2005.

Ballots must be received (not just postmarked) by the City Clerk’s Office or at a designated drop-off location listed here by 7 p.m. on election night. The City highly encourages the community to use one of the 24/7 ballot drop-off boxes across the city.

Voter turnout daily report

Courtesy of City of Colorado Springs

The daily summary report shows the daily volume of scanned ballots for the April 4, Municipal Election.

To see the number of scanned ballots since March 13, click here.

For more information on the April 4 election, go to the City of Colorado Springs’ webpage.