(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Garden of the Gods Park is hosting a Theio Dinosaur Talk on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

Theio is short for Theiophytalia Kerri. The dinosaur fossil was discovered in 1878 by Colorado College Professor James H. Kerr according to the park’s website. “Theios is of Greek origin, meaning ‘belonging to the gods’ and phytalia means ‘garden.’ Kerri honors the name of the scientist who first discovered this 125 million-year-old skull in Garden of the Gods Park.”

The event on Facebook invites the public to come learn more about Theio with Park Interpreter Jennifer Heiny. “This is more of a mystery story than hard science, but you will not believe this fossil’s journey to recognition and identification!” the event page says.

The event is being held indoors in the Red Rocks Room on the 2nd floor. The Visitor and Nature Center is located at 1805 North 30th Street in Colorado Springs.