VIDEO: Weird Friday the 13th superstitions


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Friday wasn’t a normal Friday – it was also the 13th, meaning it was a day filled with superstition.

They say breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck, or stepping on a crack breaks your mother’s back.

As legend has it, if you go to the barber on Friday the 13th it means a family member will die.

FOX21 went to a barber shop to see if people were risking that.

Tiffany Abeyta has been a barber for a year and a half and she’s never heard of that superstition.

“I’ve cut on a couple Friday the 13th’s and I’ve never had anyone complain or tell me about anything happening that was freaky. It’s a little weird. Probably scare some of my clients away on the 13ths,” said Abeyta.

Her client Riley Madden isn’t fazed at all.

“Don’t really believe in that stuff, I guess you can say. I just kind of go with the flow and go day by day,” said Madden.

Another hair superstition you need to look out for is when you hair falls, because if a bird picks it up and makes its nest with it you’re going to go bald.

If you don’t believe that superstition, just ask FOX21 News Director Joe Cole.

“This dates back to August 13th, 1999. It was a Friday the 13th,” said Cole as he points to his bald head.

Back in the barber chair with Madden, he’s not buying that one either.

“If I end up going bald in the next week or so I’ll be a little nervous, but I think it’ll be all right,” said Madden.

Additionally, there are several food superstitions that all of you at home need to be aware of as well, the most common of which you probably already know.

Don’t spill the salt, but don’t worry if you do. Just toss some over your left shoulder and you’re in the clear, but some lesser known ones that you might not know about include:

If you put your feet up on the table, or if you’re caught sleeping at the table, or if you sing at the table – all of that is bad luck.

Experienced server Leza Diers isn’t buying any of that.

“Superstitions are there, so if something happens, then you’ve got something to blame,” said Diers.

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