(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A man was arrested after a woman reported being held against her will Friday afternoon on Feb. 17, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD).

Shortly after 4:20 p.m., a woman arrived at the Sand Creek Police Substation and reported being a victim of domestic violence.

The woman told officers that she was held against her will in her apartment located in the 2100 block of Delta Drive. The victim had numerous injuries that were consistent with her report, said CSPD. According to the victim, the suspect who was later identified as Brandon Phillips, was still in her apartment.

When officers arrived at the victim’s apartment, they attempted to contact Phillips as he was driving through the parking lot. He then intentionally rammed a police cruiser. Police said Phillips damaged three community member vehicles, two police vehicles and his own vehicle as a result of his actions.

When Phillips attempted to run away on foot, he was caught by a police K9, stated CSPD. Phillips was arrested and charged with multiple felonies.