(COLORADO SPRINGS) —  Local veterans and active military members had the opportunity to express themselves artistically during a workshop hosted by the Fine Arts Center’s (FAC) Bemis School of Art on Saturday, April 22.

The “Words on Clay: A Veteran’s Journey” workshop allowed active and former service members to “process their experiences more deeply,” and have a ‘cathartic,’ psychologically relieving experience, according to Tara Sevanne Thomas, Director of the FAC’s Bemis School of Art.

The two-day workshop started with writing exercises, which were then transcribed onto sculptural clay pieces. Textures and patterns were then incorporated into the clay forms. Completed works will be pit fired to conclude the workshop next Saturday on April 29.

“We know that something good and beautiful can come out of our past,” stated Thomas, “Our hope is that… our veterans and active military members… will leave what doesn’t serve them in the fire pit and create something that reflects a piece of their soul.”

An exhibition of each art piece will be displayed at the Fine Arts Center in the Bemis student gallery on Friday, May 5, until June 23.