(COLORADO) — Veterans Day is Friday, Nov. 11, and while the holiday is set aside to honor all our veterans, unfortunately, scammers use the day to capitalize on taking advantage of your generosity.

Stop Fraud Colorado tweeted the warning on Wednesday, Nov. 9 ahead of Veterans Day, to alert of veteran charity scams and how to avoid being scammed on Veterans Day. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provided a list of what to look out for.

“Around Veterans Day, charity scammers seek to take advantage of your generosity. They contact you about fake veteran and military causes, tugging at your heart strings — and grabbing for your wallet,” stated Terri Miller, Consumer Education Specialist, FTC.

Miller listed a number of ways consumers can protect themselves and their wallets.

Check the name of the charity and its ratings:

Milled said to “check the charity’s name online with words like “complaint” and “fraud” and “scam.” Check the charity’s reports and ratings to see how they spend donations. If you see bad reviews that concern you, find another organization.”

Find out who’s behind a crowdfunding request or social media donation link:

According to Miller, “scammers use stolen photos and other people’s stories to raise money for themselves… The safest way to give through crowdfunding or social media is to only donate to people you know and trust.”

Pay with safer payment methods:

Miller said “scammers ask you to donate in ways that make it hard to get your money back — by gift card or wire transfer, or by cryptocurrency. The safest way to donate is by credit card, which gives you some protection if something goes wrong.”

If you believe you may have been victimized by a scam or would like to report any suspicious activity, Stop Fraud Colorado has a link to do so here.

“Fraud reports enable the [Colorado Attorney General’s Office] to identify and devote our limited resources to the most egregious cases involving widespread harm to Colorado consumers and the associated business environment. Information from the public contributes to potential investigations and possible legal action taken on behalf of the State of Colorado,” according to Stop Fraud Colorado.