PEYTON, Colo. — A new canine boarding facility also acts as a therapeutic ranch for veterans and frontline workers.

Wild Loon Ranch Canine Lodge and Activity Center not only has standard canine boarding and training programs, it is also a nonprofit to provide long-term boarding for soldiers and veterans.

El, the owner of the ranch, is a seasoned canine handler who has an uncanny way of connecting with all animals, especially dogs. She started working with dogs over 25 years ago as a rescue coordinator for an animal shelter. Later, El began working with rescue groups in creating canine rehabilitation and training programs. 

“I suffer from PTSD and I know just being here and caring for the animals that I have, whether it be the rescue, whether it be for the kennel or even just the farm animals, just that alone has reduced the amount of anxiety that I have Reduces the night terrors,” said El. “I can’t explain it until you come out. But the serenity that you feel coming here and then going back to your everyday life.”

The ranch was created with the intent of offering dog lovers an alternative solution to the regular dog boarding environment, without the big city charges. Inspired by her father’s love for the beauty of nature, the ranch was created to provide a unique boarding experience.

In July 2002, El graduated with honors from the U.S. Army AMEDD School of Nursing, and continued to serve for eight years as a combat nurse. She then went on to acquire an education in veterinary technology and opened her own animal rescue in 2015, while continuing her career in nursing. 

After retiring from nursing, El was dedicated to creating the perfect ranch-style canine lodging and training environment. Her love of dogs now lives in creating exceptional boarding experiences for those who come to stay at the Wild Loon Ranch. 

El has added numerous farm animals for everyone to enjoy. There is plenty of wildlife to see while visiting the ranch.