Veteran appreciates anonymous message on van window


She is looking to find who wrote the message

FALCON, Colo. — “We are a military family and there is just nothing like it,” Maura Smith, a veteran, said. “That military camaraderie can’t be beat.”

Smith gets around in her wheelchair. She still carries her love for her country everywhere she goes. She served as an electronic warfare repair technician in the 1970s. She medically retired and has since undergone seven knee surgeries.

Monday morning, as she was working on her physical strength in her garage, she saw a message on her van. She first thought it said “Wash Me!”

“As soon as I came around the corner I saw, ‘Thank You For Your Service,’ heart and smiley face,” she said. “I just teared up. It was amazing that someone would put that on my van.”

The message went straight to her heart. It gave her motivation, hope, and encouragement.

“My mom just died, so I was sad, and this has just lifted my spirits,” Smith said.

Those five words also gave her a push to do more in her physical therapy.

“I’m trying to rehab my legs so I can walk better, and I am having a rough go, so it just gave me encouragement to try harder,” Smith said.

She posted a picture to Facebook looking for the kind stranger who wrote it.

“I can’t thank them enough, because it is going to change my life,” Smith said.

People have offered to wash her car, cut her hair or do any home improvement projects.

“It makes me feel special that people went out of their way to leave messages and offer support.”

She’s been on cloud nine ever since she saw the message.

“It acknowledges me that I was worthy, that yeah, I made a difference, and a lot of times that isn’t said,” Smith said.

This message has given her courage to get out in the community more.

“They could have walked right by my car, and they didn’t have to do that, and they took the time to do that, and I will be forever grateful, forever,” Smith said.

She is encouraging others to do more simple kind gestures like this.

“Kindness matters, and it takes just a little thing like that to brighten somebody’s life,” Smith said.

She plans to keep the writing on her van window as long as possible, and is going to let it fade with time.

“It is going to be hard for me to wash it off,” said Smith.

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