USPS sees busiest shipping day Monday


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Monday, December 19 proved to be a busy one for the United States Postal Service mail carriers.

“Just at our station alone in Fountain, we had over 5,000 packages today,” said Lucy Hickerson, a Fountain city carrier for USPS.

Nationwide, 611 million pieces of mail were mailed Monday, making it the busiest shipping day.

“We have so many people running parcels and we still have to get the mail out as it is, so trucks are limited. So, today we are able to team up, which is very good for us,” Hickerson said.

For USPS, that’s 7,000 pieces of mail a second.

“Our clerks organize our parcels as far as, they scan them, put them in route sections, we grab the routes, we take them out. So, it’s a team effort,” Hickerson said.

“We have hired temporary seasonal help and have extra trucks sot that we can get the job done,” said Linda Neill, customer relations coordinator

While mail trucks may not look all that organized, mail carriers say they do their best, but it all ends up in what they call “organized chaos.”

“They all shift when you turn. So, there’s really no way to organize it. We try to organize it by street, we do the best we can by the street, but when the truck moves, you turn, they just all go to one side,” Hickerson said.

Nationwide, more than 5 million people are expected to visit a post office Monday and more than 3 million customers are expected to visit to print postage paid shipping labels and request free pick up.

USPS does want to remind people to shovel their sidewalks, porches and steps to help keep their mail carriers safe.

They also add to check your mail regularly if you have a neighborhood box, so that your mail isn’t sitting outside for a period of time.

These are suggested mail-by dates for USPS for cars and packages sent inside the U.S. :

December 20 for cards and letters.

December 21 for priority mail.

December 23 for priority mail express.

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