(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Pikes Peak United Way is offering free income tax services through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Pikes Peak United Way said their VITA program is powered by volunteers and helps community members file their income tax returns for free.

The program for community members who make less than $60,000, filed almost 1,900 returns in 2022, Pikes Peak United Way’s goal for 2023 is 3,000 and is recruiting volunteers to help.

Pikes Peak United Way says while no specific professional qualifications are required to volunteer with VITA, the program lends itself to bookkeepers, accountants, and those working in the financial sector. Volunteers can choose to work at one of five VITA sites that will offer weekly appointments.

Volunteers will have to be certified by the IRS but Pikes Peak United Way says the process is self-paced and open resource. They also offer study sessions and assistance for volunteers working on their certifications. The next volunteer training will be offered on Saturday, Jan. 21.

“Pikes Peak United Way is committed to providing free income tax services to residents in Colorado Springs,” said Cindy Aubrey, Pikes Peak United Way President, and CEO. “For many, tax returns are crucial to maintaining stability and basic needs. Volunteers play a key role in the VITA program, and we desperately need volunteers to help us carry out this program.”