(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Catholic Outreach to Neighbors in Ukraine (CONU) is hosting three Ukrainian church leaders who have come a long way from home to share their stories.

Faith in divine purpose is giving courage to those whose partnerships have bonded the people of Colorado Springs and Ukraine since 1994.

“We hope to relate this time and the situation in Ukraine and say about our sense of gratitude for the people who prayed for us,” said Bishop Vitaly Skomarovsky, Diocese of Lutsk and Co-Founder of CONU.

With help from CONU and the Annunciation Parish in Sumy, Ukraine, church leaders are hoping to garner solidarity and give insight through a documentary titled “Light With Us,” showing what it’s like to live in a country fighting a war.

“This is the our Catholic television. We broadcast different masses, different TV programs… to help them to pray in their language, to hear the homilies… also to give them hope, which they need, because there are many millions of Ukrainians now in different countries of the world,” said Father Oleksandr Zelinskyi, Director at EWTN-Ukraine.

The Ukrainian representatives hope to bring attention to major issues caused by the war through their documentary.

“This is the opportunity to share with people… the experience of our people in Ukraine, to share also about the different needs of our people,” said Father Zelinskyi.

Needs like those of struggling single mothers, according to Sister Kamila Frydryszewska, CO-Director of House of Hope for Single Mothers & Children. Sister Frydryszewska provides resources like shelter and food to single mothers with their children who want to remain in Ukraine.

“We try to trust in God,” said Father Zelinskyi. “We try to be with people, to help them to have this hope in their hearts.”

The church leaders will be in Colorado Springs from Thursday, Aug. 24 to Sunday, Sept. 3. For information on events, click the link above.