COLORADO SPRINGS — The UCCS Campus strung together a benefit concert to show their support for Ukraine.

“There’s a concerted effort to squash our culture, and so it’s so important to celebrate it,” said Eugenia Olesnicky, UCCS professor of biology and concert co-organizer.

The Ukraine Benefit Concert means more than just beautiful music. For UCCS assistant professor of physics, Dmtryo Bozhko, the cause plays on his heart strings.

A performer plays a Ukrainian melody. Credit: Rachel Saurer

“I’m from Ukraine, I’m from Kyiv,” Bozhko said, adding his family decided to stay in Kyiv. “[So] Eugenia told me: ‘hey, we’re organizing a concert’… okay, yeah. I’m in.”

Olesnicky said the concert came together quickly, thanks to artists eager to support the effort.

“So many of these performers just answered us and said ‘yes, we want to be a part of this’,” she said. “And what’s just so touching is that all of these performers are doing this for free. They are doing this without any expectation of compensation because they want to maximize fundraising.”

Women’s Reflection Quintet performed a variety of American and Ukrainian songs. Credit: Rachel Saurer

Some of these performers include the Colorado Springs Philharmonic , the Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble and the Women’s Reflection Quintet. Their music is not only helping fund money for refugees and those displaced by the war. But, organizers said they also want to support scholars in Ukraine and make a way for them to be able to continue their education.

“We’re hoping that people can potentially come and do a little bit of research here and just maintain their integrity as scholars,” Olesnicky said.

If you missed this event, they said they will have the full concert on YouTube. And if you’d still like to show your support, you can find out how to help, here.