SAN LUIS VALLEY, Colo. — Colorado Highway 17, otherwise known as the ‘Cosmic Highway,’ is leading UFO enthusiasts and lovers of all things unexplained to the UFO Watchtower.

Located on 600 acres of vast open space in the San Luis Valley, former cattle rancher Judy Messoline opened the observation platform in 2000 near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It is dedicated to the observation of UFOs and all things unexplained from the stars above. She and the thousands of visitors throughout the years continue searching the skies for anything out of this world.

“We’ve had so many bizarre experiences here, as well as getting to see things, there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s something going on in this valley,” said Messoline.

Messoline also wrote a book called “That Crazy Lady Down the Street” about the history, theories and stories shared from travelers, as well as her own close encounters. So far, there have been 90 sightings since opening. Judy has witnessed 26 of them.

Fellow believers say the UFO Watchtower is a good place for those with the same passion for the outer limits to get together, sharing the stories the public wants to reveal.

“So by having a place to come and talk, and see that other people have had similar or the same experience, you realize you’re not insane,” said UFO enthusiast Candace Knowlan.

For a long time, Native Americans believed the valley floor is sacred, attracting the unexplained and making for many mysterious moments over time.

Sightings happen day and night. The most active time is between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. They include everything from flashing white orbs in the sky, to other oddly shaped objects appearing than vanishing, to neon green pulsating spheres being chased by military aircraft.

“He was traveling at supersonic speed at about 11,000 feet, chasing this round object,” said Knowlan as she witnessed this chase below the tree-line of the surrounding mountain range.

“Somebody was telling me here a couple of weeks ago that there was a military base on the other side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and that their sole purpose was to track down the UFO reports,” said Messoline. “After there’s a sighting, or before and after a mutilation, the military is there. Now what are they doing?”

Messoline also claims the property has two crossing vortexes, or portals to other dimensions. This area is known as the Healing Garden, and known to help enrich the lives of those visiting the site and searching for help.

“We have had phenomenal results from people just going into that garden asking for help with their lives. I don’t care if it’s aliens, angels or God himself, if it helps people it’s good,” said Messoline. “Just open you minds. I mean we can’t be the only living life force in this entire universe. We just can’t be.”

The UFO Watchtower is open 24 hours. Messoline has been featured on numerous national television and radio shows, and she invites everyone to stop by and search out their own experience.