Uber drivers can no longer pick passengers up at the COS Airport


UPDATE (February 6, 2017): The Colorado Springs Airport and Uber have come to an operating agreement, meaning Uber drivers can pick up and drop off passengers at the airport effective immediately.ORIGINAL STORY: 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (December 12, 2016) — If you rely on Uber to pick you up at the Colorado Springs Airport, you’ll now have to find other means of transportation.

A new airport rule effective Monday, December 12 says for now Uber drivers can only drop passengers off at the terminal.

Over the past six months or so companies like Uber and Lyft have been able to provide ground transportation to and from Fly Colorado Springs, however airport public affairs says Uber has not come to an agreement due to “internal technology issues” and while it may not impact the company so much, the drivers will be ones the to take the hit.

“For me personally I think that it’s unfortunate because mostly the people that I would pick up from the airport were longer fares because people don’t generally live by the airport and so they were longer rides and so we would make more money,” said Courtney, an Uber driver.

She has only been driving Uber for a few months to make some extra cash when she’s not at her other job.

Courtney said, “I actually had my first passengers at the COS airport and I really liked doing it at the airport because I think it’s way more comfortable and you can just talk to people about their travels, where they’ve been, and I think it’s more of a service for them honestly because it’s the cheaper option.”

Now Uber drivers are only allowed to drop passengers off until it’s straightened out although as frustrating as it may be for Uber, cab drivers are saying, ‘thank goodness.’

Miguel Hurtado said, “It’s great. I mean its good news for us because they were taking our jobs away from us.”

Hurtado has been driving with Yellow Cab for five years. He says since Uber and Lyft came into the picture, it’s been difficult so this might just be his saving grace.

“We’re going to have a little bit work and more jobs for us and I think it’ll be a lot better for us,” said Hurtado.

But as for Courtney and her passenger traffic, she says she’ll have to move on to new turf.

Courtney said, “Now I think I’m just going to have to pick up more night time shifts because that’s where the money is at if I can’t get longer fares at the airport.”

FOX21 reached out to Uber’s corporate office to try to find out the specifics behind the tech problem. They sent a statement reading,

Every airport is unique and COS is no different. We remain in discussions with airport officials, have proposed a handful of solutions, and hope to reach an agreement soon so that Uber drivers can continue to facilitate safe, affordable rides for passengers going to and from the airport.”

But just what is the cost difference between an Uber and Yellow Cab in Colorado Springs?

It costs a dollar just to get into an Uber, compare that to $2.50 to get into cab but that’s just your base fare. Here’s where money starts to add up, Uber charges 90 cents per mile plus 16 cents per minute. Colorado Springs Yellow Cab doesn’t charge for time; however it’s $2.40 per mile.

Say you’re taking a ride from the Springs Airport to the The Broadmoor. According to Google Maps, it’s about an 11-mile route, expected to take 19 minutes.

Your total in an Uber would come to about $14. Your taxi price is more than $26, so as long as there are no surge prices you’re saving about $12 by taking an Uber.

Prices for both transportation companies change from day to day. These are the rates for Monday, December 12.

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