COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A national expo on all things cannabis came to the Colorado Springs Event Center this weekend.

We have seen the cannabis industry explode over the past several years. The first annual U.S. Cannabis Expo not only provided a connection between businesses and consumers, but also allowed entrepreneurs to link up and share ideas on the budding business. One of the sponsors of the event was 2015 Cannabis Cup winner Herbal Healing.

“It’s an event to show people what the cannabis industry is evolving into,” Herbal Healing owner Ryan Moore said. “All different directions from hemp to cannabis to medical dispensaries to even seed companies.”

You name a cannabis-related business, and it was there.

“What we’re doing here today is promoting probiotics and prebiotics for soil and hydro-health, helping cannabis and hemp growers figure out how to basically grow healthier plants, larger yields and better quality,” Brandon Kail, President and Founder of Rocky Mountain BIO-AG, said.

“We have our lotions here that are THC, CBD infused and we’re applying them and doing massages,” said Yelena Kudrya, owner of Yeden Cannabis-Infused Massage.

“I’m here today to help educate people about hemp, about the industry, about the rebirth of the industry and about how the association is supporting that,” Zev Paiss, Executive Director of the National Hemp Association, said.

According to the National Hemp Association, what most people do not know is hemp has .03 percent THC or less and has been used for many different things throughout history.

“It’s been used for rope and for fabric and for sails and for tents and for uniforms and it was used for paper, food, and for oil,” Paiss said.

FOX21 even talked to an exhibitor who is making his own hemp-crete.

“Doing our best to create a market for industrial hemp by finding ways to build our houses and our commercial buildings, our healing facilities out of more natural materials such as industrial hemp,” John Patterson, owner of, said.

But what makes events like this important to the cannabis movement?

“Events like this are very important because the general public doesn’t really understand the importance of these issues that are going on in the cannabis industry,” Kail said.

“I think it opens the eyes to a lot of people. It shows people the positives of cannabis and it explains a lot of things that people may not know,” Moore said.

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