(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Donors in 2022 made it a record year for philanthropic support for the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) with more than 7,500 donors contributing $51.7 million to support a wide range of USAFA initiatives.

These contributions bring the total investment in the Defining Our Future campaign to $248.26 million. Launched in 2021 by the nonprofit Air Force Academy Foundation and Association of Graduates (AOG), the campaign focuses on raising private philanthropy in support of the USAFA mission and boosting engagement, pride, and participation among graduates and families.

These private donations enhance the educational and leadership opportunities necessary to fully develop future officers for the USAFA. Philanthropy created an impact across the USAFA throughout 2022, funding projects and improvements around the academy.

Mark Hille ’97, president of the AOG and Foundation, said that, while the Defining Our Future campaign raises substantial private support for the Academy’s mission, it has other goals as well.

“The campaign creates opportunities for graduates, parents, and families, and supporters to help advance USAFA’s excellence,” Hille said. “It’s a way graduates and friends can feel vitally connected to the mission — to know they are supporting USAFA cadets in developing into the leaders of character our Air Force and Space Force require.”