(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Springs Utilities (Springs Utilities) announced a dam rehabilitation project beginning soon that will limit recreation in the area.

Springs Utilities said a two-year dam rehabilitation at South Catamount Reservoir will start after Pikes Peak’s North Slope Recreation Area (NSRA) closes for the season on Sunday, Oct. 15.

The planned work, which includes resurfacing the dam’s steel face and infrastructure replacement will last through the 2024-2025 seasons. South Catamount’s water levels were lowered over the summer in preparation for the work and will be drained further, and will not be available to the public during construction.

A project map for South Catamount Reservoir dam reconstruction project
Courtesy: Colorado Springs Utilities

The North Catamount Reservoir will remain open to the public with hike-in access only during the project. The Crystal Creek Reservoir recently reopened in 2023 will remain open for water and trail recreation during the 2024-2025 seasons.

A fish salvage order that was issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) in May will conclude when the NSRA closes for the season.

“The dams on North Slope have been excellently cared for over the years and have many years of service still in them if we continue to take care of them,” said Springs Utilities Chief Dam Safety Engineer Bill Sturtevant.