(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A trooper was thanked for his kindness during a traffic stop for an aggressive driver in an amusing comment sent to Colorado State Patrol (CSP).

CSP shared the comment that detailed a common experience that many deal with on the road, which often leads to heightened emotions and at times – aggressive driving.

Courtesy of Colorado State Patrol; Trooper C. Warren

On Tuesday, March 14, it was an especially crowded morning on the highway during their commute, according to the commenter. Multiple cars would not let them onto the freeway from the I-25 Fillmore on-ramp.

Once they were able to find their way onto the freeway, the commenter said they tried to “maneuver to a place where [they] could relax.” Without realizing Master Trooper C. Warren was carefully watching, they continued to weave in and out of busy traffic.

“Once, I realized a trooper was behind me, I maneuvered to the right lane waiting for my doom,” read the comment. “Then trooper lights flashed and I pulled over.”

The commenter said they admitted being “obviously guilty,” and “more than worthy of a ticket” for “wreck-less driving.”

When Trooper Warren arrived at their window, they confessed to being angry at the traffic that morning, according to the comment – a feeling many motorists are familiar with.

“Trooper Warren showed mercy when I was not deserving of it,” wrote the commenter. “I wanted to thank him for his kindness and mention that he deserves a raise.”

The individual concluded with, “May God bless our public servants and Trooper Warren for his kindness.”

In a response post to social media, CSP said, “Thank you to Trooper Warren! His professionalism and kindness to this motorist really made a difference and definitely helped with changed behavior when it comes to aggressive driving!”