(FOUNTAIN, Colo.) — Halloween treats have a tricky problem, the wrappers are tough to recycle. But a unique recycling program is making it easy for you to get rid of candy wrapper the right way.

Every Halloween, we load up on candy, and research shows 600 million pounds of candy are bought in America. A majority of candy wrappers aren’t recycled and end up in landfills or oceans instead, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Trick or Trash campaign aims to curb this problem with their zero-waste custom candy wrapper recycling boxes.

Fountain-Fort Carson students are doing their part participating for the first time this year. The school’s Green Team spearheaded the effort to start this campaign on campus.

With 20 boxes in classrooms throughout Fountain-Fort Carson, students are putting a wrap on Halloween by saving their wrappers for Trick or Trash.

It’s all part of a national campaign started in 2019 by Rubicon to encourage people to recycle and make efforts to take care of the planet.

“Every time I put a candy wrapper in there, I’m helping the Earth with just one small step forward,” said Zoe Cantrell, a senior at Fountain-Fort Carson and member of the Green Team.

“I personally really care about the Earth, and I would just love to see other people care about it, too. And really, like, know why we do it, why we care, and how we are actually are impacting. Because this might seem like a really small thing, but in the end, it’s better than nothing else.”

The school’s Green Team is already working on more sustainably focused projects for the campus. 

Through Rubicon’s Trick or Trash, they send boxes to schools, organizations and homes to collect their candy wrappers. Once the boxes are full, you ship them back to Rubicon for all the wrappers to be recycled. Anyone can request a box by clicking here.

Fountain-Fort Carson plans to expand this Trick or Trash program to more schools in the district.