(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) shared a heart-warming story of a kitten, Addy, that got herself stuck in a broken dumpster. Despite the concern for the kitten, it was a rescue that has a ‘happy tail ending.”

Addy, a tortoiseshell kitten, found herself stuck when she got a little too adventurous while searching for food. She had managed to get her head stuck in the hole of a metal dumpster, according to HSPPR.

A good Samaritan saw Addy and called HSPPR’s Animal Law Enforcement (ALE) team for help. Officers Davila and Barrett immediately got to work. The two officers were not sure how long Addy had been stuck, but they noticed she was only a few weeks old and suffering from an upper respiratory infection (URI).

“She needed our help, and she needed it fast!” said HSPPR.

After about an hour of work and lots of soap, the ALE officers were able to slowly work Addy’s head back through the hole and finally free her.

At the shelter, a warm oatmeal bath awaited Addy. She had a quiet place to recover from her kitty cold and after a few days, Addy was much healthier and happier than when she arrived, stated HSPPR.

“The best news of all, Addy was only in the shelter for a few days, as she was adopted early last week!” said HSPPR.