COLORADO — The Colorado School Safety Resource Center presented the top ten safety tips for the school year.

“We take a look at school safety from a whole-person, whole-community perspective,” said Colorado School Safety Resource Center Director Chris Harms. “Our recommendations include the physical safety of students, but also their emotional, mental, and social safety and well-being. Creating a trusting environment where students feel connected, welcome, and protected is one of the most powerful things we can do to ensure their safety.”

The Colorado School Safety Resource Center formed the below list with the help of a group of experts:

  1. Parents should check backpacks to be sure students are taking appropriate items to school.
  2. Parents and children should review safety rules about bodily autonomy and consent, and not just for protection, but to help them understand about touching others.
  3. Parents and children should discuss the risks of personally identifying information on the web. (In addition to name, address, phone, and sensitive ID numbers — they should not share their school or team which can reveal their location.)
  4. Parents and children should review crosswalk safety as vehicle traffic may be extra hectic at bus stops and intersections on the way to school for the first few weeks. Practice walking the route if your child walks to school.
  5. Parents and children should review school safety procedures, review the school’s or district’s safety precautions, and allow their children to vocalize questions or concerns.
  6. Students should think of two things you can say as a way to join a table of students at lunch, or include a student who looks like they want to join in.
  7. Students should report any scary or threatening behavior or words to a trusted adult in the school.
  8. Staff should think about ways to make everyone feel welcome.
  9. Staff should take the extra time to problem-solve with students who show up lost or confused in their classroom.
  10. Staff should take all drills and exercises seriously. Your students are watching and will take their cues from you.

For more information on school safety tips, you can visit the Colorado School Safety Resource Center’s website.