COLORADO SPRINGS — As we decorate our home for the holiday, it is important to remember our decorations might be dangerous for our pets.

Veterinary Expert at Pumpkin Pet Insurance Dr. Sarah Wooten joined the FOX21 Morning crew with some tips to keep our pets safe this Christmas:

  • Electrical cords can electrocute a pet if they chew on them, so cover and hide all cords.
  • Some holiday plants are toxic to pets; including holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, and Christmas lilies.
  • Ribbon, tinsel, string, and wrapping paper can be deadly if swallowed, where it can create a life threatening obstruction in the stomach and intestines. So make sure to toss them so they are not laying around.
  • Prevent pets from drinking Christmas tree water, as it can be laden with chemicals and pesticides.
  • Chocolate is toxic to dogs.

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