COLORADO SPRINGS — If you want to get the most out of your summertime fun, check out these tips and tricks to make sure your summer goes according to plan.

Simple Body skin care

Time to get your skin care in gear! Don’t give up on keeping your skin dewy and moisturized just because the weather’s warmer. Get glowing and healthy skin with tips from Simple Body.

For expecting moms, Simple Body says its important to moisturize growing and expanding bellies. Belly oils and belly butters can help prevent itchy, dry and tight bellies for expecting mothers.

Boating & water safety

Summertime is all fun and games until someone forgets their boating and water safety rules. Jason Hagan, Park Manager for Cheyenne Mountain State Park talks about a few essentials to keep with you when out on the water.

These reminders will help you prepare for the next boating trip:

  1. Life vests save lives! Hagan says life vests are, “similar to putting your seatbelt on.”
  2. Noise producing device: Air horn, whistles and floating keychain
  3. Hydration
  4. Boating safety classes
  5. Boat inspections before every trip

Be ‘Bear Aware’ this summer

Remember we are in bear country! Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) says there are a few important reminders when camping or hiking in bear country. Joey Livingston, statewide Public Information Officer for CPW provides resources on staying safe.

Here are a few CPW approved bear resistant essentials for your next outing:

  1. Bear resistant coolers keep odors and scent attractants locked away.
  2. Bear kegs have screw-on-tops that prevent bears from easily opening containers.
  3. Bear sprays are more effective than firearms, says Livingston.
  4. Makeshift bear rattles can make bears feel uncomfortable and are most likely to scare them off.

Lil’ Howard’s BBQ tips

It’s time to fire up those grills and get ready to party. In case you don’t have that summer bod just yet, you can always “sweat it out” over a nice, hot grill.

It takes more than just heat to cook up the perfect steak. Lil’ Howard’s says patience is also key, along with a few other secrets on locking in all the flavors.

GingerSnap Rescue Ranch

It’s no secret that many Coloradans have a love for animals. In case you needed a more adoptable pet to cuddle this summer, the GingerSnap Rescue Ranch offers guests a chance to groom and feed all of their animals, which include horses, cows, llamas, pigs, lambs, guinea pigs and goats.

The Ranch lets visitors name their baby animals, so be sure to visit the Ranch before you miss your chance.

Family Activities at the GingerSnap Ranch

If you are looking for some ‘udderly’ entertaining ways to keep your kids busy this summer, GingerSnap Rescue Ranch is the place to bring your family.

The Ranch offers a petting farm where guests can play with and feed animals. GingerSnap is always taking in new volunteers to help out at the Ranch, which could be you and your family.