Tigers recover from COVID-19 at Denver Zoo, lions are improving


DENVER (KDVR) — A pair of tigers diagnosed with COVID-19 at the Denver Zoo on Oct. 14 have now recovered.

The tigers, Yuri and Nikita, are now clear of the virus and back to normal activity and appetite levels, according to the zoo’s director of communications.

On Oct. 25, the Denver Zoo announced that 11 African lions, ranging in age from 1-9 years old, tested positive for COVID-19.

The lions are showing decreasing viral loads and symptoms, an increase in activity, appetite, and interaction with their care staff, according to the zoo.,

It is unclear if the two groups of positive cases are connected. The zoo said the animal care staff adheres to strict COVID-19 protocols around our animals, including required use of personal protective equipment, hygiene, cleaning, employee self-screening, and health management.

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