(DENVER) — On Sunday, April 16, Denver Police Department (DPD) had three incidents happen while officers were performing their duties that highlighted Colorado’s Move Over Law.

  • A traffic crash with two Denver Police Patrol cars and a third vehicle
  • A Denver Police patrol car that was rear ended causing damage
  • two Denver Police Patrol cars with damage from a traffic crash

Colorado’s Move Over law requires motorists to move into the next lane over or slow down for stopped emergency vehicles and beginning August 2023 any stationary vehicle with its hazards flashing.

According to DPD, the first incident happened early Sunday in the area of I-25 and I-70 while officers were investigating a traffic crash with the overhead lights on their patrol cars activated. An unoccupied patrol car was struck by a motorist who then drove away.

At the same scene, a second motorist, who officers say is suspected of driving under the influence, crashed into an occupied car, resulting in minor injuries to the officer.

That same day, officers were in the area of southbound I-25 and West Alameda Avenue investigating a crash when an officer inside a parked patrol car with overhead lights activated was assisting with traffic control when they were hit by a motorist, which disabled the vehicle and caused minor injuries to the officer.

“Traffic safety is a shared responsibility and we can all do our part to prevent tragedy from striking simply by following the rules of the road, and this includes moving over,” said DPD.