COLORADO SPRINGS — They’re creepy, they’re crawly… and even though in comparison to us they’re pretty small, they still tend to make some big scares.

“Spiders are spiders,” said Colorado Springs resident, Gavin Smith. “I think they scare everyone out of their skin.”

Now that Fall is here, spiders have had all summer long to get comfortable.

“This one is actually black widow season, I call it,” said Michael Diaz, co-owner of Independent Pest Control, “because we have a lot of hatchings with the black widows and their egg sacks. And a lot of wolf spiders. Wolf spiders are probably our most common spider that I deal with.”

Most people who live in Southern Colorado have made contact with at least one wolf spider.

“They take you by surprise when you’re walking into a bedroom, a closet, a laundry room and you’ll see one there and you’re like ‘hello there’,” Smith said.

Finding them in homes is common.

Wolf spiders are ground hunters and go where the food is. Credit: Dee Dee

“They’re a ground hunter,” Diaz said. “They don’t necessarily make webs so they’re always hunting and killing things on your ground like crickets or centipedes or other bugs that come into your home.”

Sometimes, when they find a place they like, they may just decide to stay.

“As long as you give them places to hide, they will. Outside… wood mulch, sprinkler boxes…” Diaz said.

Once they set up camp, there are some things you can do to give them the boot.

Smith said he doesn’t like to kill them.

“They eat the bugs, the keep the insects down… I’ll do whatever I can in my part to move them outside,” he said.

If catching them doesn’t appeal to you, you can call an expert, or get rid of them yourself.

“One good thing is a wasp spray. It will kill spiders,” Diaz said.

Not only are wolf spiders a common occurrence, but around this time Southern Colorado is also seeing the great tarantula migration.

“I walked by and did a double-take and then I looked at it and I was like ‘oh my gosh, I think that’s a tarantula’,” said Colorado Springs resident, Taylor Scott.

This tarantula was found outside Scott’s home. Credit: Taylor Scott

Scott said one was sitting in her window when she came home one day. Smith said she left it be, and then found it in a wall planter days later.

“I don’t typically like spiders, but I’m fascinated by the tarantulas because I just heard and researched that they’re just gentle.”

If you don’t want to deal with spiders, exterminators say the best defense is a good offense and make sure they can’t come inside in the first place.

“Go around your house and calk or foam areas of access. Or they could put tighter screens on. Or use glue boards or sticky boards in their basements,” Diaz said.