COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — We all know spending time outside is good for your body and clears your mind. But studies now show the benefits the great outdoors can have on your kids can last a lifetime.

Camille’s Krumm’s mom had afternoon plans Sunday, so it was the perfect time for dad to bring her and her brother Myles to get some fresh air at Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

“This is actually our second time coming and we’re thinking about coming more often because we want to get out more,” said Camille.

Bob Falcone, a local hiking expert and guide, wrote an article in the Colorado Springs Independent about outdoor recreation and child development. One of the most surprising things he found in his research is the earlier you expose kids to activities outside, the better.

“One of the studies I found had said that even from infancy, bringing a kid out when they’re infants actually benefits them in the long term,” Falcone said.

Falcone also said kids develop faster and learn more easily, and it can make them more social. According to Falcone’s research, kids who engage in outdoor activities even tend to be nicer.

“Being nicer goes along with the mental health well-being of being outdoors,” Falcone said. “The way it benefits you and me and adults being out there–we get outside with fresh air and sunshine and we feel a little better–same thing happens with kids.”

“After being energized I feel like I can go again because it’s nice and fun and the air is always nice to get in you,” Camille said.