The ‘Ugly Sweater Elf’ passing out free gifts throughout Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS – Christmas is coming a little bit early to some community members in Colorado Springs. An anonymous native Coloradan has taken the role of Santa’s Helper this year and on Tuesday, they started distributing free gifts in various locations around the city.

“I really just wanted to spread joy,” said the Ugly Sweater Elf, who wished to not be named.

On Wednesday, they headed to the Kum & Go on Wooten Dr. to pass out envelopes filled with cash and various other gifts such as a snowboard and a stuffed Coca-Cola polar bear.

They said they don’t want anything in return and usually leave right after placing the gifts. The reason for this, they said, is that they want people to focus on the act itself rather than the person. But the main goal of the campaign, they said, is to encourage other acts of kindness from the community.

“Kindness is contagious. And it is a domino effect. If you’re good to one person at one moment, they’re going to be good to somebody. It’s going to change their day,” said the Ugly Sweater Elf.

They noted that even just after the first day, they saw a lot of positive responses on their Facebook page and even received some in-person feedback when a woman contacted them through a TV station in Denver after discovering a gift at a gas pump.

“She couldn’t get home to Denver, and she was in Colorado Springs, and she actually only had 5 dollars for gas. So, she went to one of the pumps, and sure enough one of the envelopes was there and it had 60 dollars in it, so she was able to make it home,” they said.

They said these sort of stories encourage them to keep on doing what they’re doing, and they said they hope to inspire others as well.

“It is amazing to see how it can really change somebody’s life,” the Ugly Sweater Elf said.

If you missed them, you can keep on the lookout. They will continue to pass out gifts until Saturday, Dec. 4.

If you’re a recipient of a gift and would like a way to get in touch with them, or you want information on how to participate in their campaign, you can find their Facebook account here.

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