The Pickle Shack


CASCADE, Colo. — Just before the fork in the road that takes you up to Pikes Peak Highway is a pickle.

And pickles on keychains, and pickles in jars.

“I just thought pickles because my kids are athletes and I know pickle juice is good for them. And I also know it has electrolytes, so it’s good for anybody going up Pikes Peak Highway. For altitude sickness, it helps with nausea and headaches. So, really just kind of fell into it,” said Wendy Beisel, owner of The Pickle Shack.

The Pickle Shack has been in business for nearly three years now, and their fan base is growing.

“The best thing is the pickle lovers. Because they come in literally screaming, running, laughing. Just ‘pickles!’ They’re just so happy to be here,” Beisel said.

But what if you don’t like pickles or pickled vegetables?

Well, Beisel says she’s got you covered.

“Like peaches and cobbler, butters, preserves, jellies, salsas, jerky, honey,” Beisel said.

And if you find yourself in a little pickle, the Pickle Shack is there to help.

“So many people came in looking for all the conveniences…a bathroom, a gas station, water, soda, information, ‘what else is there to do around here?’ So, I just thought why not put some information in an information station, so they can look for themselves and hopefully find what they need,” Beisel said.

So, for a little shop, you could say it’s kind of a big ‘dill.’

“You know, I couldn’t ask for anything better. It’s the best business to have. People love what you have in your store. They literally roll around on the floor, they have a lot of fun and that makes my job so much easier and more fun,” Beisel said.

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