EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — The Gazette encouraged primary voters to nominate Undersheriff Joe Roybal to run as sheriff in a statemen released early morning.

“Primary voters concerned about crime would be wise to follow suit and nominate Roybal,” said the Gazette.

The Gazette stated that voters throughout the state cannot take chances in public safety with the spike in crime in Colorado Springs and El Paso County. “For this reason and more,” the Gazette endorsed Roybal and continued to encourage voters to support replacing term-limited Sheriff Bill Elder with Roybal as sheriff.

The Colorado Springs based newspaper goes on to say that, “Roybal has served successfully working as second-in-command of a department that for the past eight years has maximized the benefits of limited resources.”

Roybal is a Colorado Springs native and has worked 26 years with the department in a community he has called home his whole life.

“One gets the impression he has detailed knowledge of every neighborhood and stretch of road in El Paso County.” The Gazette continued, “Though solidly qualified and prepared for the job, Roybal exceeds expectations with his passion for public safety…”

According to the Gazette, Roybal’s colleagues known him as an “individual with a gift for managing budgets and stretching dollars.” They endorsed Roybal for his avid support of the Second Amendment and being an advocate for concealed carry permits for those properly trained and background checked.

Supporters of Roybal’s election include Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, the city’s last two retired police chiefs- Vince Niski and Pete Carey- District Attorney Michael Allen and most of the region’s law enforcement community, says the Gazette.